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Metallicity-Dependent Galactic Isotopic Abundances

Stellar evolution calculations require that the user specify initial isotopic abundances. Typically, these values are calibrated to solar data and extrapolated for studies of low metallicity stars.

However, studies of Galactic Chemical Evolution suggest metal enrichments at low metallicities that fail to be reproduced through scaling of inferred solar composition.

Here, we offer a user friendly web interface to calculate initial isotopic abundances constructed using the methods described in detail by West et al. 2013.

These initial mass fractions can then be used in MESA for studies of low metallicity or first stars by using the appropriate star_job options.

Generate Abundances

We are grateful for Dr. Christopher West for sharing his numerical methods and allowing us to integrate the tool into MESA-Web. The Python source code and support files may be downloaded here. Please cite West et al. 2013 if your work made use of this tool.