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How to use MESA-Web

To construct and evolve a stellar model, MESA-Web allows you to choose the following parameters:


The initial mass of the star, in solar masses. This value must be between 0.1 and 100.


The initial metallicity of the star.

Mass Loss

Red/Asymptotic Giant Branch Wind Scheme: Stellar wind scheme to be used during RGB/AGB.

RGB/AGB Wind Eta: Parameter for mass loss by RGB/AGB wind prescription.


The initial rotational value, as a fraction of the Keplerian critical (break-up) angular frequency.
This value is applied at the zero age main sequence, ZAMS (Lnuc/L >= 0.99d0).


The email address to which a notification of calculation results should be sent.

After a calculation has completed, the output files are packaged into a zip file. Then, a notification email is sent to the specified address, containing a link which may be used to download the zip file from the server.


Here we describe the current limitations of MESA-Web. We do stress that these are NOT limitations of MESA, but instead those placed on jobs to maintain computation efficiency.

We encourage those who wish to go beyond MESA-Web to download to full version of MESA here.


MESA-Web allows users to evolve stellar models with initial rotational values from 0 (non-rotating) to 50% that of Keplerian critical (break-up) angular frequency.

Stopping Criterion
Each calculation runs for 60 minutes, or until the end of core 16O fusion, whichever comes first.