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Below we list any updates or news relevant to MESA-Web and its development.

22 March 2018
Over 3500 models to over 900 different users! Thank you!
MW PDF - 22jan2018

31 August 2017
1. MESA-Web now allows users to upload custom nuclear reaction rates for three key reactions.
2. The `How to Use MESA-Web` page has been updated to reflect new input parameters.
3. Calculations now run for a total of 4 hours walltime or until the model reaches iron core collapse.

13 July 2017
1. MESA-Web now runs MESA revision 9793.
2. Updated Output Files now contain more information!
3. More options for stellar mixing processes are available for user specification. For more information on their relative importance, consult the following papers for their role in Massive stars (Heger, Langer, and Woosley 2000), AGB stars (Herwig 2000), or in general via the MESA documentation.

4 January 2017
1858 models to 548 different users! Thank you for your continued utilization.
MW PDF - 4jan2017

13 January 2016
MESA-Web now offers example test suites showcasing different astrophysical events. These examples are perfect for demonstrating different evolutionary points in stellar models. Download yours today!

11 January 2016
MESA-Web User Map showing utilization since its release. Approximate error ~ 8% or less.

633 models evolved to 157 different users!
MW User Map - jan 11

MW User Map - jan 11 us

13 September 2015
MESA-Web now outputs mp4 videos of sample diagrams using the data from your calculation, making it easier than ever to visualize your model! See announcement here.

9 September 2015
MESA-Web User Map showing utilization since its release. Approximate error ~ 10% or less.
MW World Map

9 September 2015
MESA-Web now allows users to specify RGB/AGB Mass Loss, see announcement here.

25 August 2015
MESA Summer School 2015 was a great success, read about it here.

10 June 2015
MESA III instrument paper now available on the arxiv, see announcement here.

6 June 2015
Output now includes 'input.txt' file containing user input values for that particular MESA-Web Job

1 June 2015
MESA-Web officially announced

18 May 2015
Beta Testing of MESA-Web has begun!